Syrian Army tighten the noose around ISIS in central Syria – Map Update

The Syrian troops continue its military operations against the self-proclaimed Islamic state jihadists across country, closing in the strategic bastion of Auqairibbat in eastern Hama countryside.

Military sources confirmed to Muraselon  that Haddaj, Rasm Zainab, Tuhmaz, Ber Ghazalah areas were fully cleared from ISIS in Northeast Auqairibbat city.

In the western axis, the loyalist groups also made an advancement towards Auqairibbat, restoring control over Tall Al elbawi, Taibah, and multiple outposts, imposing heavy losses upon the ISIL.
Meanwhile in the southern axis of the city, the National defense forces have regained control on Khurbat Albila’as, Khurbat Abo tous and Mushrifat Huwaises.


As general view, Syrian Army is 12 km south of Auqairibbat, 7 km west, 9 km from the north and east and working to grip the largest ISIS headquarters in central Syria.
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