Syria Map Update: Detailed overview of east Salamiyah offensive

The Syrian government forces continue to chop up the territories held by the Islamic State in its east Salamiyah pocket, storming and taking over more  villages and towns.

A military source has exclusively explained to MURASELON the  military tactic adopted by the Army command in expelling ISIS from its major bastion of Uqayribat.

According to the source, the Syrian Army – backed by allied forces and heavy airstrikes – is advancing through three axes as follows:

1st axis: the SAA recaptured Salamiyah Mountain and seized a handful of villages including al-Tanahij, Rasm al-Zainab and al-Qastan among others, after fierce clashes with the battle-hardened militants.

2nd axis: the SAA took over Bilaas and al-Taweelah mountains; thus paving the way to regain control over several villages including al-Musheirfeh and Rasm al-Sheikh. This progress put the Syrian Army only 2 km from Uqayribat to the south.

3rd axis: the SAA seized several villages via al-Elbawi direction including Jeb al-Abiyad, Maksar Jinobi and Shimali.

The above mentioned advances – according to the same source – aims at dividing the northern sector of Uqayribat into several smaller areas in order to besiege ISIS in al-Tanahij and the northeastern flanks of Bilaas Moutain (See attached map below).

Clashes with the extremist militants are still ongoing to take over Jorouh area and linking up the forces between Rasm al-Sheikh and al-Qastan from one side toward al-Hanoneh and Salaliyah.

Download the Full HD map below.