ISIS encircled in east Hama following major Syrian Army advance

Scores of Islamic State militants have been entirely surrounded as the Syrian government forces managed to encircle their stronghold in the eastern countryside of Hama.

According to a military source, Army units advancing from the north of Shaer Gas Fields have met with the troops marching on from Athriyah at al-Khashabiyah; a town located just near the strategic al-Fasidah Mountain of the eastern countryside of Salamiyah; thus encircling scores of ISIS jihadists in their bastion of Aqirbat.

Meanwhile, the Syrian and Russian fighter jets continue to pummel ISIS positions on a daily basis.

Situated along the road connecting Palmyra to the southeast of Salmiyah, Aqirbat severs as major stronghold for the terror group from which it had launched several deadly attacks against the civilians in nearby government-held villages.